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The circumstances behind her disappearance are not clear, but if she got lost, her sister said, her sense of direction would have been impeded by her lack of a driver’s license despite growing up in Monroe County.

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The computer will be sold with the canceled check from the original garage purchase on July 27, 1976 made out to Apple Computer by Charles Ricketts for $600, which Ricketts later labeled as "Purchased July 1976 from Steve Jobs in his parents’ garage in Los Altos".

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While the market's momentum is to the upside, near-termtrading may be quieter as earnings season draws to a close. Withresults in from 73 percent of companies, 75.4 percent reportedearnings above analysts' expectations, according to ThomsonReuters data, above the long-term average of 63 percent.

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“Well, I think it’s important for us just to play smart football and find completions,” Manning said Wednesday. “If there’s opportunities to take some shots down the field and hit some shots down the field, it’d be nice to hit some big plays.”

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"We realize that this billboard will not - in itself - get John Idzik fired," the website founders said in a press release. "However, it is a symbol that fed up Jets fans are now organized and our collective voices will be heard."

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Mr Hejazi's cousin alleges that he was shot by police after being detained within his house. Israeli police say Mr Hejazi was killed after he began shooting at police who then opened fire in response.

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These stores will be one-stop-shop upmarket metropolises for the uber-rich, selling designer apparel, shoes, jewelry and maybe even Boeing jets — yes, a personal plane once appeared in the pages of Neiman Marcus’ Christmas catalog.

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SpaceShipTwo tore apart Friday about 11 seconds after it detached from the underside of its jet-powered mother ship and fired its rocket engine for the test flight. Initial speculation was that an explosion occurred but Hart said the fuel and oxidizer tanks and rocket engine were found and showed no sign of being burned or breached.

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-- U.S. car seat and electrical power systems maker LearCorp to acquire car leather producer Eagle Ottawa LLCfrom priva

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The "Girls" are making better decisions this season. A new "Invitation to the Set" promo for Lena Dunham's HBO series dropped and the stars of the show tease what their characters — Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shoshanna — are up to this year.

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Titan's orange hue is a result of its atmosphere. It is the only body in the Solar System other than Earth to have a thick, nitrogen-rich atmosphere, which in Titan's case also contains substances like methane, hydrogen and hydrocarbons. These molecules form via reactions with sunlight high up in Titan's atmosphere, eventually settling to lower altitudes to form an orange-hued smog.

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Sol Picciotto, a professor at Lancaster University, says that the OECD later took on this role and now looks after most international tax rules - around 80%, by his estimations. He believes that the debate should take place in a wider forum.