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And of course the season will be more about defense than offense, even if there is never a fancy or mysterious name for doing that in pro basketball. The triangle offense isn’t a way of life in the NBA. Defense is.

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But rental returns rose 0.5% in October to an annual rise of 2.6%, which is a two-year high, and rental yields recorded their biggest monthly increase in more than three years, rising to 2.9% in October.

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He is not the first wealthy celebrity to raise concerns about the proposed tax. Last month former England footballer Sol Campbell, 40, called the tax a 'cheap and easy way to extract money from individuals who have done well'.

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"What this tells us is that hunter-gatherers were capable of colonizing a very extreme environment, the high Andes, despite the challenges at the end of the Ice Age," said archaeologist Kurt Rademaker of Germany's University of Tbingen, who led the study published in the journal Science.

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He noted the deal gave Sapient an enterprise value (equityplus debt) of around 12 times its forecast earnings beforeinterest tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) for 2015,far above Publicis' current multiple of about 8 times.

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“After 4 months of going to games and explaining that to him, I finally gave up.. so about a year goes by and we don't talk..” she said. “We reconnect and start talking and we get right back to this before we even had another date our selves.. I did warn him of this outcome.”

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I mentioned my London toothache and its Baker-Street-at-2am cure. As I sat in this strange single examination chair on the third floor - with, to be sure, the themes, and many scenes, from Sweeney Todd playing in my anxiety-prone head as I did - I thought of how lucky we actually are to be alive now. The fix was pricey - about the cost of a meal for two in a good London restaurant. But it was worth it. At 02:00 I had my tiny preoccupying tooth fixed, and felt exuberant, the weekend to look forward to.

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The dish of the night was meaty roasted foraged maple oyster mushrooms atop a simple, but decadent, parsnip purée. I made the mistake of offering my guest a bite and noticed her fork kept wandering back.

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Bottom line, any female has the right of freedom from unwanted touching by anyone at any time. No woman is public or private property to be used by any man, or men, as they choose. This is a fundamental human right. Any woman has the right to use the force necessary to stop any unwanted touching by any man. This is a fundamental human right.

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George Osborne must approve the proposals, and said in response that there would need to be further consultation with lenders on the impact of a higher leverage ratio. The ratio is the minimum amount of capital that banks must hold relative to their exposure to loans that could fall in value.

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Private papers recently published by the German news website Spiegel Online reveal Chancellor Kohl told then UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in 1982 that he wanted to halve the number of Turks living in Germany. They did not, he said, "integrate well".

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"Just based on this activity, it seems like some investorswere expecting some sort of catalyst to move the stock. It is asign that some sort of news was anticipated," options strategist.

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The Monte-Carlo ballet has 50 dancers from 25 different nations. For the past 20 years, Jean-Christophe Maillot has been working on giving the company a specific identity, mixing classical and contemporary dance, at the arts crossroads.

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That is not how it works. In reality, as in Florida, they get elected to high government offices and perpetuate corruption under the auspices of supporting big business. Apparently, they have a lot of supporters or they would not win elections.

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Aetna has also created its own private exchange andparticipates in those run by other companies, such as ones runby benefits administration companies Mercer International Inc and Aon Hewitt, part of AON Plc.

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The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said itwas difficult to say exactly when a decision would be made. Thenew deadline was the end of January 2015, although it could beextended further.

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But when anybody — Jeff Van Gundy, Charles Barkley — even suggests that it is good players that win basketball game and not systems, they get jumped. Van Gundy’s comments, in particular, seemed pretty sensible and mild to me. Only some of Jackson’s side-men acted as if Jeff had slashed the tires on Jackson’s limo, maybe because there was a time in the past when Van Gundy had referred to Phil as “Big Chief Triangle.”

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John Rathgeber, CEO of Watford Re which opened its doors this year, said his group used leverage and invested in assets such as low-rated corporate debt, which should promise annualised returns on net assets of 6-10 percent, compared with 2-4 percent for traditional rivals.

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In addition to food, supplies and equipment, the Cygnus spacecraft was loaded with more than 1,600 pounds (725 kg) of science experiments, including an investigation to chemically analyze meteors as they burn up in Earth’s atmosphere.


The dollar came within a whisker of 113.00 yen,reaching a high not see since December 2007. It last traded at112.76 yen, up 0.4 percent on the day, having touched 112.985yen on trading platform EBS in Asian trading.

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"So, of course, the (Boston move) decision was not an issue. We were informed. We didn't have a discussion on this, we understood the subject, but clearly, from a functional point of view, it has probably made things a little bit more difficult, although it is not a matter that has been counting in the decision that we took."