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A private factory survey by HSBC/Markit on Monday showed a similar worrying trend. Though overall growth picked up slightly, growth in new orders and new export orders - proxies for domestic and foreign demand - fell to their lowest in four to five months.

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The entertainer, sporting a demure dress and black high heels along with the trademark beard, shook hands and joked with Ban and sang for hundreds of cheering officials and diplomats at the United Nations complex in Vienna.

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Even if he tones it down, Chris Christie faces other 2016 obstacles, including that he may be too moderate for a predominantly conservative party. But it now seems he will have to engage the media in fisticuffs as well.

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The holdout creditors, led by NML Capital Ltd. and AureliusCapital Management, are suing for 100 percent of face value plusinterest even though they had purchased most of their bonds forpennies on the dollar after the 2002 default.

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The new technology comes at a time when large retailersacross North America have been grappling with data breaches andthe theft of account numbers and other information from paymentcards used by customers.

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At the time, she said: "I share the opinion that this was not a victory just for me but for the people who believe in a future that works without discrimination and is based on tolerance and respect. This transcends borders."

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“I thought we did a great job of kind of embracing the moment, knowing what was happening, knowing all the excitement surrounding Cleveland, Le-Bron coming back,” Anthony said. “It was challenging for us before the game to really lock in on trying to win this basketball game.


While the European bail-in regime is playing on investors'minds, something bigger could be coming down in the form of theTotal Loss Absorbing Capacity (TLAC). That would require banksto hold an additional safety buffer equivalent to 16% to 20% oftheir risk-weighted assets

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(Corrects paragraph 4 to say "Existing Kimberly-Clarkshareholders received one share of Halyard for every eightKimberly-Clark shares held" from "...will be able to exchangeeight shares of Kimberly-Clark for one share of Halyard". Theerror also appeared in the original story.)

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"Advertising too much has made people think surgeries are a commodity. People now think plastic surgeries are like buying stuff somewhere," said Cha, who has performed plastic surgeries for more than two decades.

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A: In his memoir, he talks about growing up in Minnesota at one end of the river, listening on the radio to black music in coming up from Arkansas. He is the shining example of all the streams of the book coming together, of folk music and black music, of the liberation principle, and of the connection to Highway 61, which was 50 miles from his house. He gets all of that.

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The youngster then began showing disturbing aspects of his behaviour in front of pupils at the school. Many of them were focused on Mrs Maguire. He told one friend that he had hated Mrs Maguire since Year 7 and wanted her dead.

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In addition to trying to identify the perpetrators and evaluate the scale of the stolen material, the government inquiries have prompted concerns about why computer detection alarms inside the company failed to quickly notice the hackers and whether federal agencies that hired the company should have monitored its practices more closely.

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Yildiz, a food and beverages maker which owns Ulker Biskuvi, said in a statement that it had beaten breakfastcereal maker Kellogg Co and Ontario Teachers' PensionPlan, which bought Burton's Biscuit last year, in the Uniteddeal. It gave no financial details.

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Maximizing cyclist and pedestrian safety would not end all crashes. Driver behavior matters, too. But giving more safe space to people walking and biking would change the current attitude of driver entitlement to the road.

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News of the factory worker's run-ins with authorities searching for fugitive Eric Frein, wanted in the Sept. 12 shooting death of one state trooper and wounding of another, has sparked a crowdfunding campaign to buy him a car.

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"It appears that our sales force management on Lantus in the U.S. could have been better. I don't want to elaborate more on this but, clearly, we have not been as good as we should have in managing our sales force on this market."

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On the line was a New York tradition dating back to the Bush administration, as well as a 45 year history of a band that stretches all the way back to the maiden days of the Fillmores East and West.

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The drought has prompted soul-searching in resource-rich Brazil, which has the world's largest renewable fresh water supplies and yet repeatedly grapples with water and energy crunches caused by dry spells.

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These recent slayings, all committed in public, raise the death toll suffered by the Sunni Al Bu Nimr tribe in recent days at the hands of the Islamic State group to at least 214 tribal members killed.

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The Bosphorus is a vital route for Russian oil and other commodities as the only outlet to the world's oceans from the Black Sea. It bisects Istanbul, a city of around 15 million people. Poor weather frequently forces its closure in winter.

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But last month state-owned Petronas threatened to delay thatproject by up to 15 years unless a favourable tax deal wasreached, and this week BG Group pushed back an investmentdecision on its Canadian project by a year to 2017.

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In ancient times, a wooden floor covered with sand was built on top of tunnels through which animals, fighters or performers were brought into the arena. For more than a century, this underground structure has been exposed.

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Analysts say Altice could face competition for the PortugalTelecom assets and the Financial Times said last month privateequity groups including Apax Partners LLP and Bain Capital couldbe interested. (1 US dollar = 0.8004 euros) (Reporting By Axel Bugge and Ankush Sharma; Editing by LeilaAbboud and Greg Mahlich)

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He's still a suspect long-range shooter (30.5 percent last season), so it's critical that he be dynamic (eight free throws per game last season), but also responsible, as a ball-handler and attacker in order to produce efficient overall offensive numbers.

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Since the disclosure, American Realty’s shares have shed nearly 30% of their value, and some $4 billion of the company’s market value has been lost. When the market opened today, the stock was nearly 14% in the red.

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Hill started an online layup challenge that involves spinning around five times and shooting a layup with the non-dominant hand. Similar to this summer's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge that became a social media phenomenon, the fundraising campaign (#Layup4Lauren) has drawn Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton and other athletes.

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It’s true that no government has control of the people there. The north of Chad and the Tibesti are run by the Teda. They have a code of their own and they have a culture of respect and the rights of individuals. However, it if you are not a Teda, there can be problems. I had an issue with camel traders that could have gone very badly wrong, and certainly if I had not known and met the right people prior to arriving in the Tibesti I would have run the risks entailed in being an outsider amongst a violent and protective desert community. I was lucky enough to spend five days with the King of the Toubou who lives the Tibesti, and he granted me free travel around the mountains. He signed a piece of paper and put his stamp on it, and that became more important than any passport while I was there. Overall I would compare being in the Tibesti like being in the Wild West. On the outside, everything seems fine. But when trouble flairs up, it could be pretty savage.

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Venezuela and Ecuador are working on a joint proposal todefend oil prices that the two countries will present at thenext OPEC meeting on Nov. 27, Venezuelan President NicolasMaduro said on Friday.

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The International Monetary Fund said last month it expectsArgentina's economy to shrink in 2014 and 2015 "amid increasingeconomic imbalances" and uncertainty related to the government'sdispute with the holdouts. (Additional reporting by Walter Bianchi and Nicolas Misculin;editing by Andrew Hay)