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Healing has been slow to come. On Wednesday evening, he performed a service for two friends who lost their year-round homes on Breezy during Sandy. A light rain fell; the sunset colored the sky pink. Afterward, he talked about the beach’s pull on him, how his old training ground along the shore could serve as a finish line down the road.

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Prior to her 13 years as a teacher she spent two years running a small restaurant in Torreon before she had to close it down because of a difficult pregnancy. And she had also done some contract catering work.

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His daughter Erica said the discussion of the formula in the Scotland debate was "a great boost" to him, as it allowed him "to say what he had been saying for a long time to anybody who would listen", that he thought the formula was "unfair and undemocratic".

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Recent graduates have earned international recognition for coming up with ways to provide safe drinking water in remote coastal areas, to connect farmers to digital information about agriculture, and many other useful services.

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And in Georgia, where Democrats see an opportunity to gain a seat in traditionally GOP territory, Republican David Perdue repeatedly called Democrat Michelle Nunn a "rubber stamp" for Obama during a Sunday debate.

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Obama expected much of Israel and little of the Palestinians in what there was of a peace process — and then he got angry when Netanyahu stood up for the Jewish state’s needs while also making substantial good-faith moves.

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The banking industry has already paid out billions ofdollars to settle investigations into a range of activities, andHSBC paid a $1.9 billion fine to U.S. authorities in 2012 forbreaking anti-money laundering rules.

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His sentiments were echoed by Daniel Mejia, director of the Research Centre on Drugs and Security at the University of the Andes in Bogota, who also thinks the cost of implementing a peace deal could be recouped within a decade.

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Poveglia, a creepy island in the Venetian Lagoon, was once used to quarantine plague victims. During the 20th century, it housed an asylum where a mad doctor is rumored to have performed crude lobotomies and experiments before throwing himself from the hospital’s bell tower. The Italian government has already sold the island to Italian businessman Luigi Brugnaro for about $674,000 but, as points out, a lot of work needs to be done before it can be transformed into a weekend getaway.