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But Natasha, 28, a nurse, said: "I didn’t vote in the elections. They mean nothing to me, they only mean more people with guns and more chaos. Since they’ve taken over, our Donbass has produced only idiots."

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No longer content to fire away from distance, Thompsonis attacking off-balance defenders and forcing game-plan re-evaluations with his willingness to put the ball on the deck. Things like this have never happened before:

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Australia, the highest carbon emitter per capita of any country in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), has an existing emissions reduction target of at least 5% by the end of this decade.

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Residents - helped by, many say, outsiders - fought pitched battles on the streets with stones and bricks, torched a couple of shops, threatened each other and vandalised property. Thirty-five people were injured. Five people sustained gunshot wounds as the police fired to rein in the rioters. More than 60 people were arrested.

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"I just take three young men - an Egyptian, a Saudi and a Syrian - who set off from Abu Dhabi on a trip to Beirut for New Year's Eve. Beirut is a party town but to get from the Gulf you have to cross Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. These places just created their own stories, their own laughs."

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Campaign chairman Ben Thomson said: "If Holyrood is going to be effective and genuinely accountable to the Scottish people, then it should have proper responsibility for domestic matters in Scotland.

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Karl Brenke, an economist at the DIW think-tank, said eastern Germany even compares favorably with France on some measures because it has re-industrialized. It creates 3,400 euros of industrial revenue per inhabitant a year compared with 2,900 in France, he said. It also beats Britain on this measure.

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The study looked at over 3,600 people aged 40 or older. All provided details about their weight at birth and whether they had been delivered prematurely. Records on knee and hip replacements as a result of OA were also assessed.

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In response, Handler put out a statement on Friday. It’s a tactic that worked for him nearly three years ago to the day, when rumors about his bank’s positions in plunging European credit markets stoked fears it might follow MF Global into bankruptcy. “These are fragile times in the financial market and we decided the only way to conclusively dispel rumors, misinformation and misplaced concerns is with unprecedented transparency about internal information that is rarely, if ever, publicly disclosed,” Handler told the New York Times then.

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During the brief court appearance, the two murder charges were read to Jutting, who was wearing black pants and a black T-shirt with "New York" and "Champions" written on it. When asked if he understood the charges, he said "I do" in a calm voice. He was remanded into custody until Nov. 10.

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"The bull market may be old and wrinkly, but it is still alive and there's nowhere else for investors to really go besides U.S. equities," said Paul Schatz, president and chief investment officer at Heritage Capital in Woodbridge, Connecticut.

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This wasn’t about the state of preparedness at Bellevue Hospital now that Dr. Craig Spencer has been admitted there and officially diagnosed with Ebola. It is quite clear that the city was ready and the state was ready. It’s just as clear that there is no reason for panic.

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That's too long for some, such as Ivan Prgomet, a popular Zagreb barber for half a century."I can barely put together enough money to pay the rent and bills," he said. "Before 1990, I employed seven people. I thought things would only get better after independence. But they didn't."

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The Roundabout Theatre Company production, which opened on Thursday, marks the Broadway debut of McGregor, known for his film roles in "The Impossible" and "Moulin Rouge" and his co-star Maggie Gyllenhaal ("White House Down").

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Maybe if Idzik had more practice at this, more frequent interaction with the media, he might have been able to deliver the word in the clutch. Similar to not signing a quality cornerback, getting involved with the media was not an Idzik priority.