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“Ideally, I’d love to see everyone start saving for retirement from their very first paycheck,” Weston says. She advises young people to think not so much about retirement, but about saving for the life they want at all stages. Being ahead on savings may provide you the flexibility to take time off to stay home with kids, pay for a trip around the world or survive being laid off in your 50s.

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They said that the study suggests that women should improve their lifestyle and try to maintain a healthy weight before they become pregnant, as well as during pregnancy, as this may help reduce the risk of obesity in their children.


Manchester Science Festival director, Dr Marieke Navin, said people's appetite to participate in real scientific research and the experiment's need for a large, diverse group of participants made it an ideal addition to the festival's programme.

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The arrival in Kobani of the Iraqi Kurdish peshmerga and additional Syrian Free Syrian Army (FSA) fighters in recent days has escalated efforts to defend the town after weeks of U.S.-led air strikes slowed but did not reverse the Islamists' advance.

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The company has spent significant sums acquiring firms and startups in some of the fastest-growing mobile markets, delving into services such as messaging and digital content. It has even made select acquisitions in the United States, amid persistent speculation that Alibaba is preparing some sort of move against Amazon.

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“You need to understand that people of color in this city look up to Phil Banks,” someone who currently works with Banks at the NYPD said Sunday. “He wasn’t going to become a suit sitting in the corner.”

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The rally at a community college in the home of the nation's first presidential primary was eagerly anticipated by Democrats, many of whom still remember Bill Clinton's resiliency in 1992, a second-place finish for which he famously nicknamed himself the "Comeback Kid."

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If the bid is successful, the three companies would then proceed to split TIM, the first source noted. Breaking up TIM would give the joint bidders more breathing room in Brazil's crowded four-way mobile market as they struggle to add customers, invest in high-speed networks and protect profits in a stagnant economy.

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One place where Morton could prove his value is if he helps the Hall to recruit the city effectively. But how well that will go is an unknown. In his time at Lincoln, Morton was at times flamboyant and outspoken, especially in his early years. He got the better of some other coaches off the court in New York's unspoken game of recruiting as well as on the court. It could be fair to describe him as "polarizing."

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Costa Rica’s Turrialba volcano staged its most powerful eruption in more than a century overnight, belching a plume of gas and ash that was reported to sprinkle the capital San Jose some 50 kilometres away.

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Facebook's move would prove popular among those who wanted to stop their location and browsing habits from being tracked, said Dr Steven Murdoch, from University College London, who was consulted by Facebook for the project.

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The government said it would pay a total of 510 millioneuros ($638 million) to boost its stake in Gasum to 75 percentfrom 24 percent. Russia's Gazprom, Finland's solenatural gas supplier, has the remaining 25 percent.

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Vigneault knows that on the nights he does not play Hayes, journeyman Chris Mueller is another option in the middle. However, in Saturday’s lineup, he has bumped Mueller, a natural center, to Hayes’ right wing, perhaps to gauge the veteran’s versatility.

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Mikhail Prokhorov picked a good matchup to make an appearance, although it’s still unclear if he’ll address the media for the first time since January. The absentee owner has yet to answer any questions about the rumors of him trying to sell the team, the Jason Kidd departure, or his commitment to cut salary in the offseason by letting go of Paul Pierce.

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The geniuses on the Court of Appeals didn’t even concern themselves with the possibility of genetic birth disorders from incestuous pairings, saying that full relations with half-relations isn’t problematic. That’s probably what Hitler’s mother said when she married her relative too.

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"I know CVC and Bernie (Ecclestone) have been looking at this but it's going to be a base payment that is given to the smaller teams, let's call them the racers, which is essentially going to make it possible for a normal budget to be pretty much close every year."

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"Many Irish primary schools have introduced healthy eating policies and this is a positive step and to be welcomed. If parents can replicate this behaviour in the home and dispense with daily treats we would see positive results," Dr Walsh said.

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The Federal Trade Commission has been closely reviewing thedeal as the two companies are the only ones with geographicreach to offer nationwide contracts for a wide range of goods tocustomers ranging from hotel chains to fast food restaurants.

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Schorsch, the chairman and former chief executive officer ofAmerican Realty, is also executive chairman of the board of RCS.At least four RCS executives, including cofounder and presidentMichael Weil, previously held senior positions at AmericanRealty Capital.

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But since 1990 and the end of the centrally-planned economy about 100 firms have flocked to the town of 24,000 people. Economic output has grown more than fourfold and unemployment, which hit almost 13 percent by 1997, has dropped to 3.5 percent, the lowest in the east and rivaling even the most prosperous areas of western Germany.

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"Frying deteriorates oils through the processes of oxidation and hydrogenation, leading to an increase in the absorption of oil degradation products by the foods being fried, and also a loss of unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acids, and an increase in the corresponding trans fatty acids such as trans-linoleic acids and trans-linolenic acids," they noted.

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“It felt like a big game,” he said. “They’re still one of the best teams in the country. I had people tell me it was an elimination game but the bottom line it was 3 versus 4. It’s a really big win for us.”