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Behind Stepan, Derick Brassard and Dominic Moore, the organization would love the fourth pivot to be rookie Kevin Hayes, who will start as Saturday’s fourth line center. Vigneault admitted on Friday that Hayes is not yet a “day-to-day” player, or someone who is guaranteed to play every night.

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In 2014, 8 million consumers signed up for healthcare coverage via the exchanges. The plaintiffs say that, based on the language in the law, the subsidies may only be paid in states that have their own online health insurance exchanges. A total of 36 states do not have exchanges of their own.

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After Jamell Walker and Damien Davis had their scholarships revoked at Florida A&M two weeks ago, Westchester CC assistant coach Richard Fields admitted to doctoring transcripts as well as forging at least one signature on a document. New York State Office of the Inspector General opened an investigation of the school and WCC said it would review the transcripts of players from the last three to five years.

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“We expected to come out and have a better record than we do right now,” Reese said Monday in his now-annual bye week press conference. “We always expect that. You always have to try to put that in the back of your head that we have some new faces, a new (offensive) coordinator, and a new system with new terminology. All of that stuff comes into play.

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“I date less (now), I’ll tell you that” Lakshmi revealed to us. “I just don’t have time, and as you get older I think it’s harder to meet the right person, and I think you want to be careful because you have a family.”

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Flesh-and-blood advisers who use digital tools have an advantage over algorithms because they can "marry technology and human behavior," said Daniel Satchkov, president of Rixtrema, a firm that offers software advisers can use to demonstrate portfolio risk to clients.

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But back to that foundation: At the height of Barry Bonds’ steroids-fueled greatness in the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Giants were perennial contenders, producing eight straight winning seasons and one World Series appearance, but couldn’t get over the top.