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Obama may be mindful that the last time he revamped his White House staff, after the “shellacking” suffered in the 2010 midterms, the results were far from glowing. Former banker Bill Daley, brought in for a more pro-business approach but never able to penetrate the Obama inner circle, was pushed out as chief of staff after little more than a year.

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This was a rough day for the Washington squad, starting with a crash between their two buses on the way to the stadium, where, incidentally, a protest of thousands of people decrying their nickname took place outside.

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"The central election commission deems Alexander Zakharchenko to be the elected head of the Donetsk People's Republic," an election official, Roman Lyagin, told journalists in Donetsk, the separatists' stronghold. Numbers of ballots cast for him appeared to show he had won 79 percent of the vote.

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“We take care of people who pay for our food,” said Zakarian, owner of the Lamb’s Club in Manhattan and a frequent contest judge on the Food Channel. “But we also have to take care of people who can’t.”

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"We're going to bring this one home in the next 72 hours," Udall said in the suburb of Centennial, telling volunteers to disregard polls that find him narrowly trailing Republican Rep. Cory Gardner.

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Fully reliant on hydropower, Albania's electricity sector isbeset by debts due to theft, low collection rates, non-payment,corruption and expensive imports, which became indispensablelast year during a drought, putting strains on the state budget.

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SpaceShipTwo, developed by the fledgling space tourism company of billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson, was designed to carry wealthy passengers on short rides into space, with Virgin Galactic planning to begin offering its first flights to paying customers next spring.

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Sareb, as the bad bank is known, is allocating contracts tomanage its 50 billion euros ($62.44 billion) of real estateloans and repossessed buildings, which will entail sales feesand commissions for those who get them.

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Lassa fever can be treated with a drug. Ribavirin is used to help patients recover but it is useless for Ebola and is only given once Lassa has been confirmed. Rapid tests are not widely available and without them only a laboratory can tell the difference between an Ebola patient and a Lassa patient. Delays in treatment can be fatal.


Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that develops during pregnancy - most often in the second or third trimester. It usually disappears after the baby is born, although women who develop it are at an increased risk of developing diabetes later on.

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U.S. health care providers have been on heightened alert for potential Ebola cases, and officials in North Carolina said they had been working since the summer to prepare for the possibility of the virus being diagnosed in the state.

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It’s time to ask whether something fundamental may have changed. Growth is driven by demand, but at some point demand is satisfied and growth stops. Are we certain that it is possible to create more demand across the board, or are we beginning to reach some kind of saturation? How certain are we that there is latent demand capable of stimulation, other than for ashphalt and cement for public works?