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Currently, less than half of people diagnosed with cancer of the mouth or pharynx survive for more than five years. However, if the disease is caught early enough, the chances of a good outcome rise significantly.

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"There doesn't seem to be a lot of things for people to feel good about," said David Yepsen, director of the Paul Simon Public Policy Institute at Southern Illinois University. "It may not be fair, but they tend to take those kinds of feelings out on the White House, and as a practical matter I think the Senate goes Republican."

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The city hasn't seen such a high-profile case involving a foreign resident since the "Milkshake Murder" case in 2003, in which American expatriate housewife Nancy Kissel was convicted of bludgeoning her high-flying banker husband to death after giving him a strawberry milkshake laced with a sedative. Kissel is serving a life sentence for killing her husband Robert Kissel, who coincidentally also worked at Merrill Lynch, which was later bought by Bank of America.

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Then, the Army quarantines the commander of U.S. Army Africa and about 10 soldiers who are returning from duty in West Africa — even though they show no symptoms and are extremely unlikely to transmit the virus if they carry it.

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Meanwhile, GOP officials from Alaska to Georgia have seized on the president's low approval ratings, which have overshadowed an election season in which roughly 60 percent of eligible voters are expected to stay home.

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But there’s a third factor contributing to the nation’s deepening anxiety — a sense of helplessness and confusion abroad as, in the delicate phrase of our secretary of defense, “the world is exploding all over.”

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LabCorp will pay about $6.1 billion in cash and stock to buy Covance in a tie-up that aims to improve clinical trial research for pharmaceuticals. Covance shareholders will receive $75.76 in cash and a portion of LabCorp stock for each share they own. Covance's stock surged $20.11, or 25 percent, to $100.02.

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Under pressure from the rise of the anti-EU UK Independence Party and some of his own lawmakers, Cameron has promised to renegotiate Britain's ties with Europe, then hold a referendum on membership in 2017 if his Conservatives return to government.

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In any case, the final season will wrap up the story of a partnership that began when Peter busted the brilliant and elusive Neal for an art heist. Peter was smart, too, but the collar came from a lucky break. Distraught over losing his girlfriend, Neal let his guard down.

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"It looks like that there was some suspicious activity inSapient," said lead analyst David Russell."Someone is definitely making a lot of money on this and theywere buying the calls right before the merger was announced."

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In addition, RBS faces a mounting bill to compensatecustomers mis-sold loan insurance. It set aside another 100million pounds to deal with the matter on Friday, taking itstotal bill to 3.3 billion pounds.

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Did you knowthat, according to the National Retail Federation, the zombie is one of thefive most popular Halloween costumes this year? Any avid watcher of “TheWalking Dead” wouldn’t be surprised, given the popularity of zombies in popculture today. What you might not be awareof, however, is that the zombie apocalypse has already begun — and your 401(k)may be infected.