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Salazar said Monday that the campaign had gathered more than the roughly 808,000 signatures needed to place the measure on the November, 2016 ballot. Draper and other supporters plan to file the signatures with California Secretary of State Debra Bowen on Tuesday.

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Analysts said his election campaign was also helped by a government ordinance approved in August that allowed local mayors to join a party other than the one from which they were elected in office without losing their seat. That prompted around 400 mayors to switch to the ruling leftists.

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Plenty of governors of Kansas have been Democrats. They get elected every decade or so. The state has become more Republican in recent years, though, with the rise of the ultra-conservative politics in the western part of the state.

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Nine days after replacing founder Julian Dunkerton as chiefexecutive, Euan Sutherland said low demand and fierce sectorpromotions had forced a more cautious take on a second halfwhich makes up 70-80 percent of profit, hammering its shares.

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Under the accord, which involved the sale of 1.2 millioncars and SUVs, the companies will also spend around $50 millionto prevent future violations and forfeit emissions creditsestimated to be worth over $200 million.

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I firmly believe that schools should take a laissez-faire attitude towards spelling and grammar. A child that makes spelling mistakes isn't necessarily struggling at English, they are most likely expressing their creativity and individuality, which can only be a good thing. The same goes for maths too. I would rather my child show some imagination than blindly follow misguided rules.

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“You’re in my way, son, get to steppin’,” Lincke, an EMS veteran of Battalion 44 in Brownsville, barked at Worontzoff in the dairy section while grabbing some queso fresco for her Mexican-inspired dish. Lincke may be a rookie to the competition but she swept through the supermarket like a top chef.

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In the latest economic data, construction spending fell 0.4 percent in September, below the 0.7 percent growth that had been expected. Readings on manufacturing were mixed, with the Institute for Supply Management's index unexpectedly rising in October, while Markit's final reading showed its lowest rate of growth since July.

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Thomas Menino, Boston’s longest-serving and perhaps most beloved mayor, was remembered at his funeral Monday as “the doer of small things,” a city leader less interested in the national political stage than the day-to-day minutiae of running the city, from making sure garbage was picked up to improving public schools.

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India regularly alleges the involvement of Pakistani security agencies in militant attacks on its soil, including the 2008 Mumbai attacks in which 166 people were killed when Pakistani militants went on a three-day rampage in India's financial capital.

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The centerpieces of Cuomo’s jobs agenda have been broad-based tax cuts, targeted reductions for businesses, and Start-Up NY, which offers 10 years of tax-free status to new companies here. Cuomo credits the program, launched this year, with luring 1,300 slots so far.

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Commenting on why they do not face a public backlash from voters, he replies: "Why do people accept gutters overflowing with rubbish? Why do people accept officials taking kickbacks? In Africa, people have become accustomed to mediocrity because they have been governed badly for many years."

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Mostafa's biggest hope is that it will be released in the UK, " as this film deserves to travel, I would love to show this film in Britain especially. It will show a whole different side to Arabia that people never knew existed."

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Nudging developers towards the open Web, the Mozilla Foundation is customizing a version of its popular Firefox browser that can be used to build Web pages and applications, potentially reducing the number of different tools now required for the job.

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So, instead of coming up with anything constructive for the Average American, the Republicans are running against Obama, who isn’t even on the ballot. Right. The GOP is the party of only negative and nothing

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Among the guidelines for health workers laid out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is a warning that no skin can be exposed by workers taking care of a person infected with Ebola.


Maynard died peacefully, surrounded by friends and family at her Portland home after taking prescription drugs that she obtained legally, according to Compassion & Choices, a group that supports physician-assisted suicide.

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Congress passed the law in 2002 but the government has never enforced it. Seeking to remain neutral on the hotly contested issue of sovereignty over a city holy to Jews, Muslims and Christians, the State Department allows passports to name Jerusalem as a place of birth, with no country name included.

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An aircraft flying behind SpaceShipTwo collected video images and radar data, and a range camera at Edwards Air Force Base also recorded the failed test flight, Hart said. The spaceship had video cameras and data storage cards on board which could help investigators.

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Analysts say Croatia can still service its debt for now. Butthe U.S. Federal Reserve is expected to start nudging borrowingcosts higher next year with global repercussions, particularlyfor states with a poor record on managing their finances.

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"There is quite a bit of upward pressure on costs. It's anhonest assessment of where they are, the regulatory cost ofbeing a large global bank is far greater," Mike Trippitt,analyst at Numis Securities, said.

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"But I'm afraid it's become a reality - all the hype now goes hand-in-hand with the promotion of a film. Part of me is reluctant to even talk about it, but the other half of me says everybody else who might been in with a chance is going to be.

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O’Neal said other Knicks must prove themselves. “I’m going to call the names out: Amar’e (Stoudemire) and J.R. (Smith). When you have Carmelo and four guys going well every night the Knicks can finish sixth or seventh. But if one guy is going 3 for 18, that ain’t going to work. If the other guy is missing 30 games, that ain’t going to work. I hope they don’t think I’m not being respectful but if the Knicks want to be something this year those two guys are going to have to step up.”

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Chief Executive Maurice Levy has blamed Publicis' recentpoor performance on a failed merger with world No.2 ad agencyOmnicom, announced in August 2013 and abandoned in Mayover control and cultural clashes.

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Talks with Bulgaria's state-owned Bulgarian Energy Holding(BEH) over setting up a joint company to fund the upgrade havefailed, after a market analysis showed such an investment wouldnot be justifiable given the current costs of electricity andgreenhouse emissions, CEZ said in a statement on Sunday.

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Director Lisa Cholodenko, best known for the Academy Award-nominated "The Kids Are All Right," frames the tautly told episodic and non-linear story around Olive's expressions, accentuating her tart-tongued grievances with husband Henry and son Christopher.

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With Moreno also being pinched back at the start, it left Bayern alone on the lead and that’s when he’s at his deadliest, proving it once again with a gutsy nose victory over Toast of New York and with Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner California Chrome just another neck back in third.

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So the song ended up being this love story set in New Orleans just before the flood happens. I think that was a turning point for me, where I started to see my job as a storyteller, and that is separate from a polemicist.

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Blanco-Latorre said his staff is very small and hisexaminers interviewed a sampling of bond fund investors, basedon factors such as their ages and whether more than 40 percentof their assets had been in the funds.

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At least 230 people have been killed since the army, backedby forces loyal to a former general, have waged an offensiveagainst Islamist groups in the eastern city, part of chaosplaguing the oil producer three years after the ousting ofMuammar Gaddafi.