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“He has been exposed to very few people,” Andrew Cuomo said, and no one would doubt that version of things. A few minutes later there was the voice of Tom Frieden once again telling us this: “They become increasingly infectious the sicker they get.”


Of course he’s still popular in Michigan; he saved the auto industry. He should still be popular throughout the US for that alone, much less pulling us from the brink of depression to 5.9% unemployment; record highs on stock market; 10 million more Americans w/healthcare coverage; record profits for US companies; ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; keeping us safe from terrorist attacks; etc.

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Commenting on the report, IMS president, Rod Baber, emphasised that the main message to women is that they should use the menopause ‘as a reason to have a health audit, so that they can have an active say in how they are going to live the rest of their lives'.

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Kissinger, Bloomberg and Clinton all read selections from the Bible during the ceremony. Vogue editor Wintour read the final selection, a poem titled “He is Gone,” by David Harkins.

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The reality show, which squeezed a whopping three seasons out of its brief airing in 2004-05, followed Mafia boss John Gotti’s daughter Victoria and her sons. “Growing Up Gotti” courted plenty of controversy from critics, who felt the show glorified organized crime because of the family’s notorious history.

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Among the estimated 50,000 marathon runners pounding the Big Apple pavement Sunday, none may have been more recognizable than the 7-2 giant, arms raised triumphantly as he crossed the finish line in Central Park, resplendent in all black, right down to his NBA high tops.

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Steve Mort, head teacher of Corpus Christi Catholic College, said: "I want to take this opportunity to pay tribute to all our staff and students, present and past, for the way that they have coped and continue to cope with this shocking and unprecedented incident.

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Detectives - who say that Mrs Munro died of "serious injuries" - are questioning a 50-year-old man in custody on suspicion of murder. Police have not named the named the man, but neighbours said they saw Mrs Munro's husband, Andy, being led away by police in hand-cuffs.

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In spite of the accolades and a tentative release date set for India early next year, Bose knows her film isn’t for everyone. In the past, the few Indian films that have dared to depict homosexuality without caricaturing it have faced protests and boycotts.

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ISTANBUL, Nov 3 (Reuters) - Turkey's largest food groupYildiz Holding has bought UK-based cookies and snacks makerUnited Biscuits, in a deal it said made it theworld's third-biggest biscuit maker and would help it expandinto new markets.

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"Frying deteriorates oils through the processes of oxidation and hydrogenation, leading to an increase in the absorption of oil degradation products by the foods being fried, and also a loss of unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic and linolenic acids, and an increase in the corresponding trans fatty acids such as trans-linoleic acids and trans-linolenic acids," they noted.

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"Even though there have been only a couple cases, many health systems are already overwhelmed," said Dr. Kenrad Nelson, a professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and former president of the American Epidemiological Society, referring to new federal procedures for screening, tracking and treating the disease and people who are exposed. He added that if a major flu outbreak also occurred, "it would be really tough."

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For many people, the impact of the USIS break-in is dwarfed by recent intrusions that exposed credit and private records of millions of customers at JPMorgan Chase & Co., Target Corp. and Home Depot Inc. But it's significant because the government relies heavily on contractors to vet U.S. workers in sensitive jobs. The possibility that national security background investigations are vulnerable to cyber-espionage could undermine the integrity of the verification system used to review more than 5 million government workers and contract employees.