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A week after the violence, Trilokpuri's streets are still tainted with red brick dust and broken glass, its people are scared and cooped up in their homes on orders of the police, deprived of their work and daily wages. Many have left their homes. Nobody quite knows how and why a drunken fight escalated into religious violence. "I don't know what is happening here," says Shaukat Ali, a plumber. "I am afraid, very afraid."

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"Well, I don't think it would change anything, in terms of what we're about," Biden said. "And, quite frankly, going into 2016, the Republicans have to make a decision whether they're in control or not in control.

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The department said that National CineMedia had been irkedby Screenvision's decision two years ago to become moreaggressive, cutting deals to sign up more theaters and lowerprices to advertisers.

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“He’s been really good in the shootout in practice,” DeBoer said of Josefson. “Patrik keeps bringing up his name and said that he has a knack of scoring in practice. He threw Jo’s name up there, saying Jo’s been good.”

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I also couldn’t quite make sense of a hefty thicket of noodles made from toasted flour. Its nutty flavor paired nicely with savory bits of delicious guanciale and purslane, but the pasta’s gummy, leaden texture somewhat sank the effort.

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There are signs of permanency everywhere in the camps: Shacks selling basic supplies; piles of roughly made red bricks waiting to be to be used to build more sturdy structures. It takes two days to make 1,000 bricks which sell for 40 Sudanese pounds ($7; 4) - the average daily labour rate is two Sudanese pounds.

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The konditorei helps explain what needs to be done. The establishment practically reeks of inefficiency, despite using high tech equipment. Baking in small batches is always relatively costly and labour is wasted when packages are wrapped by hand. Much could be done to push customers through more quickly. A fast food restaurant, where everything is optimised for speed and every cost is carefully scrutinised, could offer more cakes with fewer workers and lower prices. It would be far more efficient by any monetary measure.