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We know about Bratton’s résumé as a high-profile star cop, in Boston and New York and Los Angeles, now back here. But if he didn’t know enough about Banks to know that he didn’t want to be some kind of hood ornament after being chief of department himself, than you have to say Bratton isn’t much of a detective.

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Just before dusk, at least 2,000 women, men and children gathered at the parade ground on the border crossing, some chanting "Death to terrorists" and "Long live Pakistan". On the Indian side, there were only a handful of spectators.

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“I can’t say enough how proud I am of the whole team,” winning trainer Steve Asmussen said. “Rosie and Untapable have had a tremendous season. Today definitely makes her a champion and that’s enough said. She’s a champion.”

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The attack took place early the next morning while Deeds was feeding animals at his Bath County home. It was a vicious stabbing that stopped only after Deeds uttered the most unlikely words at that instant.

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Emerald AshBorer was first detected in New York in Cattaragus County in 2009. There are currently 24 counties where the beetle has been found. However, the DEC said more than 98 percent of New York's forests and communities have not been infested.

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“No, that’s over with,” Rose said. “I wouldn’t say it’s weird at all. He made his decision, and like I said at the time, of course who wouldn’t want to play with a talent like that. But he came back here. You can’t get mad at him. But our team, I mean the people who we got on this team is who we got and that’s who we have to roll with.”

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There should be laws and regulations preventing any pharma corporation from holding medical patents which they choose not to develop. This, and many other treatments and cures, should be free information to anyone willing to advance the testing process and manufacture.

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Poverty is not unusual in Croatia's Balkan neighbourhood, orin pockets of the EU's wealthy west six years after the onset ofthe global financial crisis. But the depth of Croatia's declinestands out, backlit by the fireworks and fanfare thataccompanied its accession to the EU last year.

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"Oprah played a big role in my understanding of what it meant to be female and to really step into your own power. I wouldn't even call her a role model; she was literally a reference point. You have the dictionary, you have the Bible, you have Oprah."


The warped piece of metal was uncovered on a 1991 voyage to the island of Nikumaroro in the Republic of Kiribati by The International Group for Historic Aircraft Recovery (TIGHAR), which has spent millions of dollars searching for Earhart's plane in a project that has involved hundreds of people.