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Emperor penguins are notoriously shy. When researchers approach, these penguins normally back away and their heart rate goes up. That's not what the scientists need when they want to check heart rate, health and other penguin parameters.

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The blond star starred as Dr. Izzie Stevens in Rhimes' medical drama and stirred up controversy when she removed her name from Emmy consideration in 2008 because she felt she was not "given the material to warrant a nomination."

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Should Robertson decline the qualifying offer, he would face free agency with a draft pick attached to him. But top 11 picks in next year’s draft — it’s typically the top 10 picks, but the Astros have two selections after failing to sign their No. 1 pick last year, so it’s 11 this season — are protected from compensation, meaning one of the 10 teams picking near the top could sign Robertson without sacrificing its No. 1 pick.

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After Alfonso Cuaron's space thriller "Gravity" drew some criticism from scientists for its implausibility, Nolan pre-empts controversy by saying anyone who demands scientific rigor from the fantastical film is "going to produce their own level of frustration." The film presents theoretical notions of wormholes and bending the rules of time and space.

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“This is a sad political swipe at a time when New Yorkers should be coming together,” Norvell said. “We have all the resources we need to confront Ebola. Hundreds of city personnel are going above and beyond to keep our communities safe."

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Frankly, the reason Hollywood wouldn't want to make something like this is because those elements that translate directly to film - narrative, script, acting, pacing - are all terrible. As a story, Advanced Warfare is a complete mess and doesn't come anywhere near to exploring the expansive world and conflicting ideologies that it consistently hints at. Put this into a cinema and people would laugh, either that or keep quiet out of embarrassment for the production team. Even those people that enjoyed Olympus Has Fallen would scoff.

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Energy Future in April filed one of the largest corporatebankruptcies and had expected to confirm a plan ofreorganization based around the Oncor sale by December 2015. (Reporting by Tom Hals in Wilmington, Delaware; Editing byMeredith Mazzilli)

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Kissinger, Bloomberg and Clinton all read selections from the Bible during the ceremony. Vogue editor Wintour read the final selection, a poem titled “He is Gone,” by David Harkins.

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It is unclear whether Idzik was in real trouble with his owner before he faced the media in Florham Park. No one is suggesting his fate is sealed. Give Idzik every benefit of the doubt, talk about how a season-and-a-half isn’t a proper referendum on whether or not Idzik has the chops to do this kind of job in the National Football League. You can say, one more time, and with feeling, that any general manager has the right to pick his own coach, something Idzik will surely get to do if he lasts.

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Of most immediate concern to the euro zone, Greece’s coalition government could be toppled by left-wing Syriza if early elections are forced next year. Only Germany’s Angela Merkel looks serene, which makes Berlin’s unwillingness to shift economic tack all the more significant.

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In New Hampshire, former secretary of state Hillary Rodham Clinton headlined a rally for Gov. Maggie Hassan and Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat locked in a tough re-election battle against former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown.

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This is the deepest linebacking corps the Giants have had in years, which is a good thing since Beason (toe) is done for the year. Versatile Jameel McClain has made an easy transition to middle linebacker when needed, and fourth-year man Jacquian Williams has matured into a top coverage linebacker. The team is high on fifth-rounder Devon Kennard, and if he plays well down the stretch, he might lead the Giants to cut Beason.

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Buying Sapient will speed Publicis' roughly seven year-old effort to earn more revenue from digital advertising, which includes everything from online marketing to brand building on social networks and automatic ad buying for major customers.

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Nobody expects the Shockers to need it, of course. They're heavily favored to win the Missouri Valley, just as they did last season. The league lost much of its teeth when Creighton left a couple years ago, and the Shockers have become the team to beat.

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"I would have been honoured to think the president kicked off the war on poverty on my porch, "Delsie tells me in the cabin in a school car park where Head Start has its office. "But the Fletchers were really embarrassed by it. Everyone saw them as the poorest family in the county."

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Some folks think fewer kids go door to door these days, with more organized parties and programs instead. “Kids do their trick-or-treating at school now because of safety reasons or fear of drunk drivers,” said Jason Varden, who works for an online videogame company Gazillion and lives with his wife in Milpitas, California. “It goes into the helicopter mom thing of ”We’re not going to let our kids go up to strangers.”’

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“I kind of knew coming into the season early I wouldn’t be having too many opportunities to play, just because of the way the schedule is laid out,” Talbot said, referring to his team’s sparse schedule of four games in the final 15 days of October. “I just look at it as I’m doing what I did at the end of last year in the playoffs: Whenever I get the call, whenever that may be, I have to make sure I’m ready.”