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"To feed the world's anticipated nine billion people by 2050, and with little new productive land available, it's a case of all lands needed on deck," said lead author Manzoor Qadir from the UN University's Institute for Water, Environment and Health (UNU-INWEH).

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If I chose to take my new husband's name, I'd be far from alone. A Eurobarometer survey, conducted in 1994, suggested that 94% of British women took their husbands' names when they got married. Recent smaller-scale research, however, suggests that this proportion has shrunk over the last two decades, especially among highly-educated and younger women. In 2013, academic Dr Rachel Thwaites found that 75% of respondents took their husband's names. Just last month, the Discourses of Marriage Research Group, a multi-institutional network interested in marriage equality, found that 54% of female respondents did the same.

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... Disgusted New Yorker: “Confidenti@l’s” Brian Niemietz points out that the city has once again pulled together against a common enemy. Not Ebola, but Taylor Swift and her horrible “Welcome to New York” anthem inviting mall girls to come to the city that has “been waiting for you.” Clue: No, we’re not.

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Senator George McGovern, who would eventually win the nomination, didn’t “stand a chance,” one top but unnamed political journalist told Wicker in 1971. That reporter was ignoring another set of “facts,” which Wicker calls evident to “anyone willing to see them.” Among other things, McGovern was expertly exploiting new delegate-selection rules (that he helped formulate) that blunted the traditional power of the political bosses and united the party’s left wing. An appreciation of these facts governed Wicker’s writing for the campaign cycle and made him look like a prophet.

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Frank Lampard's agent is denying a report out of the UK that the New York City FC midfielder, on loan to the team's parent club Manchester City, will extend his stay until the end of the English Premier League season in May.


The Federal Trade Commission has been closely reviewing thedeal as the two companies are the only ones with geographicreach to offer nationwide contracts for a wide range of goods tocustomers ranging from hotel chains to fast food restaurants.

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The Women’s Equality Agenda he rolled out last year — a 10-point legislative package including measures to bolster abortion rights, promote equal pay and crack down on domestic violence — struck me as a smarmy attempt to beef up his third-year agenda while winning back alienated liberals.

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The decision is not as drastic as it could have been. A government-commissioned review by businessman and climate change sceptic Dick Warburton had proposed, as one option, scrapping the RET altogether.

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Activist investing is a rarefied field with only 71 of the world's roughly 10,000 hedge funds pursuing strategies in which managers push corporations to boost financial performance, spin off divisions, or improve corporate governance.

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Branson said the 800 passengers who have signed up to spend $250,000 each on the flights remain supportive of his company's plans. Two more signed up and paid for their flights on Friday as a show of support for the program, he said.


Not even a goal by Wild forward Jason Zucker to stretch Minny’s lead back to 4-2 at 5:35 of the third slowed the wave of momentum. Brassard answered by burying a Carl Hagelin rebound at 7:54, and then Duclair and Zuccarello did the rest.

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He said that further action is needed to ‘speed up delayed discharges and reduce the number of people who are waiting far too long for operations or outpatient appointments'. However he pointed out that any new initiatives and resources provided for 2015 ‘will not show up in performance assessment reports until the middle of next year'.

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Miss Y found out she was pregnant shortly after arriving in Ireland earlier this year. She said she had been raped in her home country, was suicidal and wanted an abortion. However, she was told at 25 weeks, it was too late in her pregnancy for an abortion and her child was delivered by caesarean.

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Some 63 percent of Republicans are similarly focused on Islamic State, a militant group America is bombing in Iraq and Syria. That's 20 points higher than among Democrats, and a sizable spread also holds regarding Obama's healthcare overhaul.

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China's biggest banks last week reported rising bad loans for the third quarter, and one said the credit crunch which is squeezing small companies in the country's export-oriented eastern provinces may be spreading westwards.

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"We know that in middle school and high school, students are already deciding what professions they want to pursue," the blog reads. "More often than not female students and students of color are opting out of technology and engineering. We want to change this."

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Stocks to Watch: Shares of Sapient Corp. (SAPE) surged 41% after French advertising group Publicis SA announced a $3.7 billion-all-cash deal to buy the U.S. company. Publicis will pay $25 for each Sapient share, which represents a 44%premium to the closing price of Sapient on Oct. 31.

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For all of the lefty’s dominance, however, there was an entirely different intrigue for this Game 7. And not just because a visiting team hadn’t won a Game 7 since 1979, when the Pirates won in Baltimore.


While some parents worry how they'll juggle work and caring for their newborn, Guthrie is excited to take what she's learned about being a new mom into the workplace. "I hope that I'm going to take this new found patience and calm and bring it back with me to work and to the craziness of this big and exciting job," she said. "It's changed me in every way. I mean, I have never known a love like the one I have for this little girl. And she makes me want to be a better person."


"The district prosecutor's office in Krakow took the decision not to carry out a temporary arrest," Marcinkowska said. "The prosecutor also did not apply any other sanctions, such as barring him from leaving the country."

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"Jackson Pollock would be so excited to get this number if he were around today," said listing broker Luis D. Ortiz of Douglas Elliman. "To him, 46 was a lucky and magical number."

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The plans were drawn up after it was discovered there could be nearly 2,500 spare pupil spaces across the region by the year 2020, and independent consultants suggested a number of primary schools could close or merge, with a small number of others built.

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"Encouragingly, the statistics reveal that other health conditions, such as heart disease, are beginning to be tamed and this has come about due to improved research into treatment, prevention and better public health.

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The bank last week issued its third profit warning of the year after a surge in bad loans, sending its shares to their lowest level for five years and adding to pressure on Chairman Peace and CEO Sands to revive its fortunes after two grim years.

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Countries that took emergency measures to reduce public borrowing have mostly suffered weaker growth, as in the case of Britain from 2010 to 2012, Japan this year and the United States after the 2013 “sequester” and fiscal cliff deal. In more extreme cases, such as Italy and Spain, fiscal tightening has plunged them back into deep recession and aggravated financial crises. Meanwhile countries that ignored their deficit problems, as in the United States for most of the post-crisis period, or where governments decided to downplay their fiscal tightening plans, as in Britain this year or Japan in 2013, have generally done better, both in terms of economics and finance. The one major exception has been Germany, where budgetary consolidation has managed to coexist with decent growth, largely because of a boom in machinery exports to Russia and China that is now over, pushing Germany back into the recession its stringent fiscal policy suggested all along.

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The conflict in Darfur is being waged on many fronts and by different groups; fighting between government forces, rebels and militias, and localised conflict that has sparked a wave of inter-ethnic violence. This meant there is a steady flow of new arrivals - on foot, donkey and hired vehicle. According to the UN, 390,000 people fled their homes in the first half of 2014 - more than in any single year since the height of the crisis in 2004.

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Brady threw for 333 yards, four touchdowns and his first interception in five games. Manning piled up 438 yards passing, most after the Broncos trailed 27-7 at halftime, with two touchdown passes and two interceptions.