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You should see them during dance class. Smiling must be part of the training for however painful or tricky to perform, each movement comes with a smile, giving you the feeling that all this is sooooo easy, effortless really. Honestly, they already looked quite professional to me. Then, there’s training on the side: warming up, stretching, muscle building and on top of it all, distance learning so they don’t lose touch with their homeland’s education system. Yes, dedication it certainly is.

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The United States and European Union have already denounced it as illegitimate, but Russia has said it would recognize the result, deepening a crisis that began with the popular overthrow of a Moscow-backed president in February.

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For takeoff the vehicle needs a grass strip or paved surface of a few hundred metres long. The car is a few years away from being production ready and is likely to be priced in the region of $280,000 (220,000)