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It looked like Harvin was on his way to a kick return for a touchdown in the second quarter but had his run cut short after being tripped by Chiefs kicker Cairo Santos, who was flagged on the play. The return went for 65 yards.

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You'll be sending your typical Skylanders figures into battle by placing them on the portal, then leaving boss fights with extra beasties to do your bidding, creating a more well-rounded experience. The figures themselves are once again well-crafted and filled with personality, both on the screen and off.


Hiller told the judge that Khan didn't act on youthful impulse, but instead planned for months for the journey to Syria, including getting a job at a retail store to raise money to purchase plane tickets for himself and his siblings.

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Since 2007, Ebola has been identified as a potential threat requiring priority attention under the Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise, which coordinates the development, stockpiling and dispensing of drugs during a massive disease outbreak or to protect against chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear agents.